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The World's 1st Inspirational
Spoken Word Label

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The Mission


O Live! Recordings is an independent Inspirational Spoken Word Recording Label, servicing the Spoken Word and Poetry community to get them published and distributed to a global digital online economy.  Plus, providing an online presence as an impactful ARTIST, reaching nations without all the out-of-pocket expenses.

We provide professional studio vocal sessions at no cost to you IN YOUR AREA!

(You don't have to fly out to Chicago)

The Opportunity


How would you like to record your poetical masterpieces and have it in global distribution for download?

How would you like a large percentage of the sale's revenue?

What if we told you that we will pay for your studio time to record your vocals IN YOUR AREA?

No longer do you have to wait to make a name for yourself GLOBALLY as an independent artist.  If you have Spoken Word, Poems, Music or material that is motivational, inspiring and impactful, minus strong sexual content and explicit language... WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


Be free to take your lyrics and make an album on your own.  We only have the rights to the musical content O Live Recordings produced.

That is why we do not ask for any exclusivity.

You can keep on doing your own thing.  O Live is just one more great  opportunity to expand your reach! 



- Must provide us with short bio with picture.

- Anti-Christian content will not be published.

- Must provide us a sample of your work or writing (video, email, social media link).

- Artist under 17 must provide parental permission before recording.


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